SPEY’s founding partner, Jennifer Robertson, has been appointed to join PRCA’s newly established Interim Management Board, tasked with guiding the organisation through a period of transformation as it adopts a more efficient management and governance structure.

Jennifer said she is “honoured to have been appointed at the AGM onto the global management board to help lead the world’s largest and most influential PR professional body into its next exciting chapter. Watch this space…”

Members were invited to submit nominations for consideration by an interim Nominations Committee, comprised of independent individuals. This committee carefully curated a diverse slate of candidates to ensure a well-rounded board, including:

  • Continuity with the outgoing board

  • Representation from both agency and in-house professionals

  • Voices from across the UK’s nations and regions

  • International members

This approach ensured that the new board would be representative of the organisation’s diverse membership and equipped to effectively address the challenges facing the industry.

The revamped PRCA Management Board consists of 11 members, including two independent directors, marking a significant reduction from the previous board’s size of 27. This leaner leadership team will concentrate on core areas such as business strategy, operational efficiency and financial performance while receiving support from an Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committee. This restructuring aims to enhance the organisation’s agility and ability to respond to the evolving needs of its stakeholders.