Our annual influencer report is out and we have named 2023’s ten most influential Scots on TikTok.

The digital team at Spey analysed Scottish TikTok influencers with more than 100k followers and ranked them according to how often other users interacted with their content. The top ten most influential users of the social media platform range from outdoor explorers, lifestyle influencers, to musicians, with a comedian taking the top spot.

Paul Black (‘paulbiack’, pictured above) leads the table with an engagement rate of more than 8.9% amongst his 233k followers, meaning his posts are liked and shared more often by those who see it than other fellow Scots on TikTok.

Singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi (‘lewiscapaldi’) is second with an engagement rate of 7.5% amongst his 8.8m followers, with fashion and lifestyle content creator Jilly Isabella (‘jillyisabella’) coming third with an engagement rate of 6.8% amongst her 110k followers.

Founder of Spey, Jennifer Robertson, said:

“Our top 10 list for 2023 makes for an interesting read and reflects some overarching themes that have dominated the year, including reconnecting with nature, the continued rise of lifestyle influencers – and that people really needed a laugh.

Our top influencer, Glaswegian viral sensation, Paul Black, has won over audiences in Scotland and beyond with his witty take on Scottish culture. He is well worth a follow.”

Spey worked with influencer marketing platform Modash to gather the results.

Ryan Prior, Head of Marketing at Modash, said:

“It’s fantastic to see a range of talented Scottish creators in this list. From fashion to comedy, and content that shows off the great Scottish outdoors. The quality of short-form content is rapidly improving, and the strong engagement rates of 3-8%+ prove it.”

The top 10 are:

1. Paul Black @paulbiack – Comedian

2. Lewis Capaldi @lewiscapaldi – Singer

3. Jilly Isabella @jillyisabella – Fashion content creator

4. Bryan Millar @bryanmillarwalker – Outdoors content creator

5. Laura Davidson – @laur4davidson1 – Content creator/dancer

6. Eddie Walker @eddiefadewalker – Trans activist

7. Eco Dan @ecodanwanders – Outdoors/sustainability content creator

8. Sadie Queen @sadiequeen88 – Content creator

9. Katie Gregson MacLeod @katiegregsonmacleod – Singer

10. Millie @whatsername1.0 – Content creator/cosplayer